Whistlestop Ranch Owner Faces Charges

Whistlestop Ranch Owner Faces Charges

Updated October 25, 2012 

A Texas horse farm owner, who is also a personal injury attorney, is facing criminal charges after a 7-month investigation by authorities. Thomas Corea, owner of the quarter horse breeding and training farm, Whistlestop Ranch, was arrested last week and charged with four felonies for allegedly stealing legal clients’ money.

The Dallas County District District Attorney’s Office says Corea is accused of stealing settlement funds from his clients’ trust accounts, using false information to secure financial loans, and stealing identities to apply for various loans and credit cards. “He is charged with theft over $200,000.00, misapplication of funds of over $200,000.00 by a fiduciary, securing the execution of a document by deception worth over $200,000.00, and fraudulent use and possession of identifying information,” according to a statement released by the DA’s office.

According to the Dallas County District Clerk of Court’s Office, Corea and his firm, Corea Trial Group, LLC have been sued almost a dozen times since early last year.

His firm’s website states he has “a reputation as a zealous advocate who never compromises or waivers on extreme loyalty to his clients or their shared goal on every case.”

Corea holds a law license in Arizona, however according to the State Bar of Arizona he is currently “Summarily Suspended” for unpaid dues. He was censured in 2010 after fraudulently fabricating facts and violating a court’s order during a case, according to the association’s records.

Corea was disbarred from practicing law in the state of Texas in October. He failed to appear for a sanctions hearing. The panel found Corea “engaged in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation” during the representation of a client’s wrongful death matter.

Thomas Corea Jail 25 Years
October 2013 Update: Thomas Corea was sentenced to 25-years in prison after pleading guilty to stealing from his legal clients.