Horse Authority: Champions of social change for horse welfare

What Our New Name Means for Horses

Horse Authority

As you may know, Rate My Horse PRO is now Horse Authority.


The answer is really quite simple. Just like people, brands grow and mature with time. Therefore, the social enterprise’s name needed to more accurately represent our brand.

Horse Authority also got a dynamic new logo, fresh color palette, and the latest in the digital real estate market at

Passion led us here in 2010, while purpose drives us to continuously improve and elevate our work. Horse Authority combines innovation, technology, and good business to develop and deliver sustainable solutions that positively impact horses.

As a result, you’ll find new resources like Horse Marketplace. Every purchase you make drives change. That’s because the sales proceeds fund horse welfare initiatives.

You’ll find new authors, writing a variety of online equestrian magazine articles. Do you have something interesting to say along with a little writing finesse? If so, you may have what it takes to be part of our writing team.

During the rebrand, a publishing hiatus was necessary to build a solid foundation for future growth. Our reporting of horse news and equine law cases returns now. Although, a backlog of major equine legal cases may slow things initially.

So, please invite your horse friends because together we can do more for horses.