Western Milling Suit Linked to Horses' Monensin Deaths Turtle died after eating Western Blend Horse Feed tainted with monensin, a necropsy found. He was being leased by a Black Fence Farm student. 

Western Milling Suit Linked to Horses’ Monensin Deaths

Poisoned Horse Feed

The death of more than a dozen California horses linked to monensin tainted horse feed has prompted the filing of a lawsuit. The plaintiffs allege Western Milling, LLC, located in Goshen, was negligent in the manufacturing and distribution leading to adulterated horse feed.

The suit states punitive damages are being sought due to the malice, oppression, and fraud perpetrated by Western Milling. The company also does business as O.H. Kruse Grain & Milling. Also being sued are 20 “Does”.

Lab results in September 2015 confirmed several horses’ deaths at Black Fence Farm were from monensin toxicity. Dozens more were sickened at the boarding facility run by Katie Flanigan. Western Milling, a subsidiary of O.H. Kruse Grain & Milling Company, issued a recall of the feed.

A second business was also impacted. Ross Equestrian, owned by Cambria Ross, closed after her horses became ill from the feed.

The suit filed Wednesday in Fresno County Superior Court reiterates the findings from the investigative report we published this month regarding Western Milling. Both say the mill knew it had contamination issues, but failed to make corrections despite warnings from federal officials.

The company continues to produce and sell horse feed.