Wendie Cox Bound Over for Trial

Wendie Cox Bound Over for Trial, New Charge

An Oklahoma judge ruled Friday that there is enough evidence for Wendie Cox to be bound over for trial in the case of five rodeo horses stolen from Southern Arkansas University.
The judge also allowed prosecutors to add an additional felony charge of conspiracy to commit a crime for allegedly knowingly concealing stolen property. She is now facing three felonies charges. In June she was charged with receiving stolen property and animal cruelty.
Fifteen witnesses testified during the preliminary hearing including the victims who had their horses and tack stolen. George Berish III was brought in to testify on behalf of the state. McCurtain County District Attorney Mark Matloff says Berish’s testimony was vital in getting the newest charge brought against Cox.
Despite conflicting initial reports from the multiple defendants, the court heard today that “the original idea was Jaci Rae Jackson’s, and her mom [Cox] put it into play,” says Matloff.
Five rodeo horses were stolen from SAU in November 2011. Four were found in rural Oklahoma tied to trees without food or water – almost starved to death. The fifth, a chestnut gelding called Credit Card, was found later that month dead. Authorities say he was shot and then quartered for easy disposal.
Matloff reiterated there will be no deal for Cox or any other defendant in the case. She is scheduled be arraigned on February 4, 2013.