Credit Card's Killer Sentenced

Wendi Cox Conviction Stands in SAU Horse Theft


The Arkansas Court of Appeals upheld the conviction of Wendi Cox who was sentenced to 60-years in prison for stealing horses from Southern Arkansas University’s rodeo team.

The court denied Cox’s argument that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict her. Cox stated the evidence presented to the jury linking her to the crimes was testimony that was inconsistent or was provided by individuals with motives to lie. Cox’s daughter, Jaci Rae Jackson, was involved in the theft and testified against her mother.

Cox’s former boyfriend, William “Billy” Hamilton, took the stand and testified that Cox developed the plan to steal the horses from the rodeo team, that Cox’s daughter was a member of at the time.

Five horses, equipment, and a horse trailer were stolen from the SAU rodeo barn. Only four horses made it back to Arkansas after the theft. They were left to die in Oklahoma without food or water, and while not unscathed, they were the lucky ones. Credit Card, the sorrel roping horse, owned by Shaun Smith, was killed by his captors at Cox’s direction. The gelding (pictured above) was shot, his throat slit, and his body was cut into pieces so he could be easily moved.

Jackson was sentenced to 10-years locked up in Arkansas for her part in the crime. Hamilton is serving a 30-year prison sentence in Arkansas.

The appeals court did remand the sentence back for a clerical error to be corrected.

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