Dr. Glenn Blodgett was named the 2017 National Golden Spur Award winner.

Veterinarian Named National Golden Spur Winner

2017 National Golden Spur Award

Resident veterinarian of the Four Sixes Ranch (6666) is named this year’s recipient of what the ranching industry describes as its most prestigious honor.

Dr. Glenn Blodgett of Guthrie, Texas, is the 2017 National Golden Spur Award winner.

For 35 years, he has managed the largest privately owned Texas ranch of racing and performance American Quarter Horses. The veterinarian industry recognizes Dr. Blodgett as a leader in equine embryo transfer and artificial insemination. His contributions have catapulted the Four Sixes Ranch to national designations including all-time leading breeder.

“When you talk about Dr. Blodgett, you have to talk about credibility,” said AQHA Past President Johnny Trotter.

“He has a reputation and it’s not all about making a quick dollar on a horse. First and foremost, he’s a fine person with all the integrity and credibility that goes with it. Second, of all, he is a good businessman, good horseman and a tremendously successful veterinarian,” Trotter continued.

A native of Spearman, Texas, Dr. Blodgett received his bachelor’s degree in animal science from Oklahoma State University. He earned his degree in veterinary medicine from the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.  Both universities have recognized him as an outstanding alumnus.

After receiving his veterinarian degree, Dr. Blodgett joined Spur Veterinary Hospital, a mixed veterinary practice in Spur. He became self-employed at Hansford County Veterinary Hospital in Spearman, servicing primarily large animal clientele.

He joined Burnett Ranches LLC (Four Sixes Ranch) near Guthrie, in 1982 and subsequently earned the ranch numerous awards and distinctions, including the coveted Zoetis AQHA Best Remuda Award in 1993. Dr. Blodgett oversees all of the veterinary and reproductive services at the Four Sixes, as well as horse breeding and management responsibilities.

Dr. Blodgett was named Equine Practitioner of the Year in 1990 by the Texas Veterinary Medical Association. He was credited as a driving force behind the Texas Racing Commission’s adoption of medical rules, policies, and procedures.

The Texas Racing Commission brought him on board in 1988 and he later served as the vice chairman. Dr. Blodgett received the 2011 Racing Council Special Recognition Award.

Dr. Blodgett began representing Texas as an AQHA director in 1991, a director-at-large in 2011, an AQHA Executive Committee member in 2012 and AQHA president in 2015. The Texas Horse Racing Hall of Fame also inducted him in 2015.

The American Association of Equine Practitioners presented Dr. Blodgett with a Distinguished Life Member award in 2016 for his leadership and exemplary service.

Ranching industry leaders will recognize Dr. Blodgett at a dinner in October.