Robert Dimitt Killed Horses by Cutting Hooves Off: Witness Tana Pace hired Albuquerque veterinarian Boyd Clement, DVM to administer pre-race furosemide to the mare Gold Digging Ashley.

Veterinarian Knew About Dimitt’s Alleged Horse Abuse: Exclusive

Boyd Clement, DVM

A report obtained exclusively by Rate My Horse PRO exposes a racetrack veterinarian for failing to report allegations of horse abuse by Robert Dimitt prior to his arrest.

Tana Pace hired Albuquerque veterinarian Boyd Clement, DVM on the morning of July 5, 2015, to administer pre-race furosemide to the mare Gold Digging Ashley. Pace mentioned the mare was “also running a fever”.

Pace, Dimitt’s ex-wife, was the horse’s trainer of record since Dimitt is unable to hold a New Mexico Racing Commission License.

Dr. Clement’s vet report states he examined the mare at a private barn with access to Ruidoso Downs. Upon his examination of the Quarter Horse, Dr. Clement states the mare had:

  • 104-degree temperature
  • some mucous exudate within the trachea upon endoscopic exam
  • extensive cellulitis and swelling distal to the tarsus and extending to the foot of the left rear limb
  • non-weight bearing lameness of the left rear limb
  • left rear foot – separation of the coronary band from the hoof
  • left rear foot missing frog tissue and presence of granulating infected frog tissue
  • left rear foot missing lateral hoof wall adjacent to the heel
  • general appearance of the left rear foot was that the foot had been severely trimmed and grossly infected
  • the mare’s other feet were not examined due to inability to bear weight on the left rear
  • the mare appeared to be in generally poor physical condition ie, very thin



Gold Digging Ashley treatment

Dr. Clement began treating Gold Digging Ashley. She was scratched from the Rainbow Futurity Trials race scheduled for later that day based on his recommendation. A day later, Dr. Clement withdrew his services but agreed to stay on until another veterinarian could be engaged.

Tana Pace hired Albuquerque veterinarian Boyd Clement, DVM on the morning of July 5, 2015, to administer pre-race furosemide to the mare Gold Digging Ashley.
Gold Digging Ashley July 2015

The mare was moved to the stable of Duke Schultz, but Dr. Clement began treating Gold Digging Ashley again on July 10, according to his notes.

Dr. Clement’s report states he does not know who damaged the mare’s feet. “It has been told to me that Robert Dimmit [sic] had been cutting this mare’s feet away for unknown reasons. It was also told to me that … Dimmit had engaged in “bleeding” this mare’s feet.”

It was noted that the other three feet had injuries similar to the left rear from the severe trimming, frog mutilation and infection.

“It was my observation that the obvious mutilation of this mare’s feet was the primary injury that allowed infection to set up in all four feet – although most dramatically in the left rear,” his report continues.

Dr. Clement concludes his report by stating the mare was sent to the track to train on June 10, 2015. “What cruelty given her condition,” he adds.

“Who would I tell?”

So why didn’t Dr. Clement report the after effects of Dimitt’s alleged animal cruelty?

Dr. Clement initially told us he didn’t want to comment because it was a legal matter and he may have to testify.

Dimitt is charged in Oklahoma with five felony counts of animal cruelty. According to our sources, New Mexico’s animal cruelty investigation into Dimitt has fizzled.

Dr. Clement said he scratched the horse from the race and “then they moved it”.

Dr. Clement then asked us during our call, “Who else would I tell?”

Racing stewards handle animal cruelty

New Mexico Racing Commission Executive Director Ismael “Izzy” Trejo says when animal cruelty is suspected at the racetrack it should be reported to a steward who takes the issue to the board of stewards.

Trejo advises, “when animal cruelty is off-track grounds the stewards will take extra steps to trigger an investigation by getting another animal welfare agency involved.”

Gold Digging Ashley survived her ordeal which included abscesses in her lung, a partially collapsed lung, and mutilated feet. While she is doing well the mare will never race again.

Dimitt is scheduled to be in an Oklahoma courtroom Friday for a preliminary hearing.

Stay with us for in-depth coverage of Dimitt’s criminal case.

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