Vet Pleads Not Guilty to Horse Abuse

Vet Pleads Not Guilty to Horse Abuse

A Kansas veterinarian accused of neglecting dozens of horses pleaded not guilty yesterday in county court. John Brooks is facing 71 misdemeanor counts of committing cruelty to or treating animals inhumanely.

Sedgwick County Animal Control seized 71 horses from Meadow Brook Farm last week. Officials say the farm has been inspected several times since November. Court documents state this month’s inspection found “no hay or grain,” that the horses “were without water or had minimal water to drink,” and that the stalls were in “deplorable condition, packed with feces and completely urine-soaked.”

The horses are classified in the documents as appearing “emaciated with protruding ribs and hip bones indicating malnutrition from lack of food and water.”

Brooks operates Meadow Brook Veterinary Hospital. His website promotes the farm’s stallion station for breeding, training, and the sale of quarter and paint horses. The site also mentions a small animal no-kill rescue that he operates.

Brooks has agreed to pay just over $21,000 for the horses’ care and boarding fees by the end of the week. A bench trial has been scheduled for February 27.

Rate My Horse PRO tried to contact Brooks’ attorney Lynette Herrman multiple times, but did not receive a response.