Vet Gets Deal

Vet Gets Deal, Loses Horses

A well known Kansas veterinarian charged with 71 misdemeanor counts of committing cruelty to or treating animals inhumanely reached a deal with prosecutors yesterday.

John Brooks has agreed to sign over ownership of 61 of the horses to authorities. Court documents state the county will dismiss one count for each of the horses relinquished. The remaining 10 horses will be placed with Brooks with conditions. The terms mandated by officials include random checks by authorities and that the MeadowBrook Veterinary Hospital owner can not acquire or care for any other horses.

Eleven of the horses seized were under Brooks’ care or being boarded at the farm by their owners. They will be returned to their owners.

The remaining horses will be adopted to new homes. Brooks’ attorney Lynnette Herrman says it’s been a difficult time for her client, “He wants what is best for the horses and this agreement allowed that to happen sooner – to get them into homes.”

Sedgwick County Animal Control seized 71 horses from MeadowBrook Farm earlier this month. Inspectors reported they found “no hay or grain,” that the horses “were without water or had minimal water to drink,” and that the stalls were in “deplorable condition, packed with feces and completely urine soaked.”

Brooks has paid just over $21,000 for the horses’ care to date; he still owes almost $3,500 according to the prosecutor’s office.

A hearing has been scheduled for August 13 to determine if Brooks met the conditions of his plea deal. The remaining 10 charges could be dismissed at that time.