USOC Dismisses Glefke, Farmer Complaint Against USEF

USEF Suspends Larry Glefke, Kelley Farmer for GABA Violation


USEF Hearing Committee Suspends Glefke, Farmer for GABA


Lane Change Farm

Update January 12, 2017

The United States Equestrian Federation announced it has suspended two of the hunter/jumper industry’s major players.

Lane Change Farm’s Larry Glefke of Lexington, KY received a 24-month suspension and a $24,000 fine. The penalty comes after Kelley Farmer’s horse, Unexpected, tested positive for GABA at the Kentucky Summer Horse Show. The pair showed in a Pre-Green Hunter 3’3″ class on July 28, 2016.

Glefke identified himself on Unexpected’s entry blank as the trainer. Farmer listed herself as Unexpected’s owner and rider.

The Hearing Committee also imposed a 12-month suspension and a $12,000 fine against Farmer in her capacity as a “Person Responsible”. The Committee found her accountable for the horse’s condition under General Rule 404 of the Drugs & Medications rules.

USEF banned GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, in 2012.

This is the Federation’s first penalty imposed associated with the new Equine Drugs & Medications Penalty Guidelines that went into effect January 1, 2016. The Guidelines offer a range of penalties for violations regarding forbidden substances.

Substances included in Category IV, like GABA, are penalized more severely. The Guidelines also take into account whether it is the respondent’s first, second, or third offense.

Glefke has a prior reserpine violation, which is a Category IV substance. He also has a recent violation involving the sedative acepromazine and a violation for filing false Medication Report forms. Acepromazine is not only a forbidden substance but also depresses the central nervous system causing a sedative effect in horses.

Farmer has a reserpine violation.


Larry Glefke and Debbie Buchanan, Lane Change Farm’s manager, are suspended for 5-months beginning February 1 related to the acepromazine violation. The Hearing Committee found in September they, as trainers, exhibited Symbolic after the horse was administered acepromazine and 2-(1-hydroxyethyl) promazine sulfoxide. The Committee also found they filed false Medication Report Forms for the horses, Symbolic and So To Speak, during the Aiken Spring Classic Masters Horse Show in April 2015.

Glefke and Buchanan must also each pay a $5000 fine.

Neither Glefke or Farmer attended the hearing or submitted any evidence in an attempt to rebut the charges, according to USEF.

Glefke and Farmer deny the allegation. They say they had no knowledge of the alleged violation, charge or a hearing date.

Glefke’s attorney Bonnie Navin says at a minimum USEF should have, as in the past, contacted her regarding a pending charge against her client. Navin notes she was at USEF headquarters in September, handling other matters related to Glefke, with USEF officials including General Counsel Sonja Keating, but the matter was never mentioned.

“The USEF sadly issued the final order and press release on the heels of the USEF Annual Meeting in an effort to “pat itself on the back” for issuing hefty fines, but they did so at the violation of Due Process, which is punishable by the United States Olympic Committee…,” Navin adds.

“Our Equine Drugs & Medications program is designed to protect our horses, as well as the participants who compete clean horses,” Bill Moroney, USEF Chief Executive Officer said.

Moroney praised the Committee’s action.

Navin is seeking all USEF evidence and documentation sent to Glefke and Farmer and may file an emergency USOC charge.

We contacted Keating, but a response was not immediately available.


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