Equine Microchip Look-up Tool Streamlining horse identification with microchipping look up tool The 'Equine Microchip Look-up Tool' would provide a single universal source to identify a horse based on its microchip number.

Universal Equine Microchip Look-Up Tool being Developed

Streamlining horse identification

Multiple equine organizations are working toward a goal of streamlining horse identification through technology.

The Equine Microchip Look-up Tool would provide a single universal source to identify a horse, based on its microchip number. It may help horse owners prove ownership, reunite them with their animals after a disaster, and help improve horse welfare.

Veterinarians recommend microchipping because it is safe, permanent, and an inexpensive solution for horse identification. A veterinarian implants the tiny chip into the horse’s nuchal ligament using a syringe.

Some, although, not all horse associations require microchipping in the United States.

Have you imported a horse from the European Union (EU)? If so, you probably know you have a chipped horse. That’s because the EU is the trendsetter when it comes to microchipping due to legal mandates.

Therefore, a universal look-up tool could streamline horse identification worldwide with equine industry cooperation. So, no matter where the horse originated or the horse’s breed, a quick search would allow users to identify the horse.

The American Horse Council is partnering with The Jockey Club to build the tool. Another group is assisting by providing grant funds.