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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. JOSHUA CARDINE, a/k/a/ “Josh”, and, KENNETH BERLIN, a/k/a “Keg”, Defendants.

U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Virginia


Criminal No. 3:03 CR 00424-001



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Joshua Cardine Judgment

Kenneth ‘Keg’ Berlin Judgment

USA, Appellee, v. JOSHUA CARDINE, Appellant.


Excerpt from US Attorney General

“Second, the prohibition on employment in the equestrian industry was reasonably necessary to protect the public. Cardine engaged in a long-term, extensive fraud scheme in the equestrian industry. In carrying out the scheme, Cardine stole horses from their owners and sold them without the owners’ knowledge. In other cases, in full breach of the horse owners’ trust, Cardine sold their horses at the request but reported the sales price as substantially lower than the actual sales price so that he could fraudulently keep more of the sales proceeds. Cardine also seriously abused and mistreated horses, causing severe injury or death to the animals. Finally, Cardine endangered young children riders by selling horses he knew were not only not suitable but exceptionally dangerous to the young riders, falsely assuring the parents that the horses were sufficiently gentle for young riders. The children also suffered psychological impact in the disillusionment resulting from learning their trainer was a thief. In addition, the district court had the benefit of the opinions of a large number of persons engaged in the industry concerning the appropriateness of Cardine’s continuing in the industry, who stated in strong terms that Cardine should be prohibited form horse-related employment. Thus, the record amply established that Cardine should not continue in the equestrian industry.”

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