'Unicorn' Pursuit has Happy Ending Sandra Boos Photography 

‘Unicorn’ Pursuit has Happy Ending

Sometimes being an enchanted ‘unicorn’ is just too stressful. Just ask Juliette, a white pony, that went rogue during a children’s photo shoot in California.
Juliette escaped leading police helicopters on a three-hour chase through traffic and an orchard adorned with white blossoms. The 20-year-old pony prompted some excitement and laughs for Madera authorities as calls came in regarding a loose unicorn.
While being cute and wearing a horn may sound easy, living up to a mythical creature is not for the faint of heart. And in fairytale fashion, Juliette is safe with her five-year-old in their enchanting land they call home.
Since Juliette’s epic escape, her owners have traded in her unicorn horn for a pair of devil horns.