Two States Confirm EHV-1 after Nebraska Barrel Race stock photo

Two States Confirm EHV-1 after Nebraska Barrel Race


Updated April 30, 2014 
Two Midwest states are each reporting a new case of equine herpesvirus (EHV-1) after the horses traveled to a recent barrel racing event.
The Kansas Department of Agriculture Animal Health Commissioner confirms a horse in the northeast part of its state tested positive for non-neurotropic EHV-1. The bay gelding from Douglas County was euthanized last week after attending the Bonus Race Finals in Lincoln, Nebraska. The barrel racing event took place on April 10-13th.
 A second horse that attended the same event and has been confirmed positive for EHV-1 originated from Lafayette County, Wisconsin. The horse was euthanized on Thursday, April 24th, according to the owner. State officials say this is the third case of EHV-1 in Wisconsin in 2014.
Symptoms of the disease may include a fever, nasal discharge, wobbly gait, hind-end weakness and dribbling of urine.
Veterinarians recommend the following biosecurity measures for all horses that will come into contact with other horses at shows, trail rides, meets and other events if you must travel with your horse:
•Minimize direct contact between assembled horses whenever possible.
•Clean and disinfect equipment, feed, tack, stalls and other surfaces that are shared between horses.
•Isolate and closely monitor horses that are returning from a show, trail ride or competition for a minimum of 14 days.
•Clean and disinfect caretakers’ hands, clothing, shoes and vehicles that may be contaminated by other horses or equipment.