Bruce Rotz's truck in accident that killed 10 horses

Trailer Accident Kills 10 Horses in Tennessee

Bruce Rotz’s Company

A traffic accident involving a slaughter-horse hauler killed 10 of 30 horses Sunday night.

10 horses killed in Tennessee accident
Photo by Christa Kenney

It happened in Tennessee and involved two tractor trailers, one of which was hauling horses. When Knoxville authorities responded eight horses were dead. A veterinarian euthanized two horses on the scene.

Another hauler shipped the remaining horses to Shippensburg.

Rotz’s Livestock was hauling the horses to its company location. Bruce Rotz, a known slaughter buyer, owns the business. Rotz buys auction horses and then ships them to Canada for slaughter. The meat is shipped internationally for human consumption.

Luke Hershberger was driving Rotz’s truck when he was unable to make a sudden lane change to avoid hitting a flatbed merging.

Rotz lost 30 horses when his trailer exploded into flames in 2013 when driving through New York. The US DOT number 1680857 for Rotz is no longer active, according to the agency’s website.