Tiny Horse Makes Big Recovery after Leg Amputation

Tiny Horse Makes Big Recovery after Leg Amputation

Destiny Pogo

A tiny horse makes a remarkable recovery after a traumatic dog attack.

The miniature horse Pogo completed his rehabilitation last week at Auburn Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. Pogo’s treatment followed a horrific dog attack that left him with only three legs. And he was the lucky one. The dogs killed his two mini horse companions.

A bus driver saw the three-legged mini running loose near a road in June leading to his rescue.

“The pony was in really poor condition,” Shelley Jones, Executive Director of Helping Horses Alabama said. “He was in such bad shape that we did not think he could survive”.

Pogo the Super Pony has a Super Man Prosthetic
Shelley Jones hopes Pogo can help people as a therapy animal.

Pogo’s will to live became evident soon after Jones rescued him.

The college’s Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery Service evaluated Pogo for “traumatic amputation of the left hind limb from his fetlock down to his hoof,” said Dr. Lindsey Boone. She noted the dog attack left exposed bone without adequate soft tissue protection.

The faculty recommendation was a surgical revision and permanent prosthesis.

“Pogo was reluctant to use the prosthesis originally, but through the hard work of our Rehabilitation Service, Pogo is using the limb well,” Dr.  Boone said.

Pogo’s prosthetic limb features a Superman design.

“I have never seen a horse fight so hard for its life,” Jones said. “He apparently has a purpose and a reason for being alive”.

Jones says once Pogo is fully recovered and rehabilitated, they will use him as a therapy animal to help people who have undergone limb amputations and wear a prosthetic.