Tildren Approved by FDA for Treatment of Navicular in Horses

Tildren Approved by FDA for Treatment of Navicular in Horses


Equine veterinarians in the United States have a new tool for treating their patients’ symptoms associated with navicular. Tildren (tiludronate disodium) received FDA approval for the control of clinical signs of navicular syndrome in horses.

Tildren regulates osteoclasts in areas of excessive activity, according to Ceva Animal Health. In navicular syndrome, excessive mechanical stress results in bone resorption outpacing bone formation. Tildren works at areas of active bone resorption, restoring balance to the process of bone remodeling. The product could also offer new hope for the owners of navicular horses.

“Tildren is a novel therapy that can lead to successful outcomes even when clinical signs have not improved with other therapies,” said Kyle Creech, DVM, Ceva’s Equine Veterinary Services Manager. “Our equine sales team is made up entirely of veterinarians who have experience treating patients with Tildren.” Dr. Creech says they are well versed on the product’s use and how to achieve successful outcomes.

Tildren is indicated for horses four years and older and is administered by a 90-minute intravenous infusion. Clinical signs of colic occurred in approximately 44% of horses administered Tildren. The symptoms were managed without analgesics or with non-NSAID drug treatments, according to the studies. There is an increased risk of renal adverse events when Tildren is used concurrently with NSAIDs.

The product is available through veterinarians by prescription.

More than 250,000 doses have been administered worldwide over the past 12-years, according to Ceva.

Also recently approved for sale in the U.S. is Osphos for the treatment of navicular.