Those That Shine The Brightest

Those That Shine The Brightest, Cannot Shine for Long

by Jamie Buis
Loving and loyal,
A friend through and through,
How in the world can I
live life without you?
I knew you were ready,
you were ready for weeks.
as I made the decision tears fall down my cheeks.
I put on your halter and walked with you, we went to the field where the vet waited too.
I knew what the next moments had in store, but I wish I just had a few minutes more.
I gave you a kiss and held you close, as the needle went in so did the dose.
It only took a few moments but it felt like forever, as you fell you looked as light as a feather.
Your brown knees buckled and you landed on your right side, by the time your head hit the ground you had already died.
I dropped to the ground by your face and wailed, As your owner and protector I felt that I had failed.
A cold emptiness fills the air, all anyone can hear are my cries of despair.
The blue towel over your face covers your sweet brown eyes, I kiss your nose as your lifeless head lays on my thighs.
The truck backs in and I scream and shout, I yell “YOU CAN’T TAKE MY BABY” as the truck backs out.
I feel my mom hold me back as my arms and legs flail, I hold in my teary hands a piece of his black tail.
Jamie Buis and Uno
It hasn’t sunk in that I no longer have you, I look up to the sky and see something bright blue.
A butterfly soars by and it is a sign from you, you are now at peace and I am too.
Your pain is gone as mine gets worse but that is what love is, giving myself pain just to able to take away his.
I watched you become my beautiful best friend, back in those amazing days I could’ve never imagined this end.
Exactly two weeks have passed and I still think of you every day, I sit in the barn as I am missing you most today.
A bright blue object flies past the corner of my eye, I see the butterfly soaring through the sunny beautiful sky.
You are my guardian angel and my love for you remains pure, Uno, I know you are watching over me, this I am sure.”

 A tribute to the horses loved by children and adults alike — lost too soon. We stand with the Masterpiece Equestrian Center family as they prepare to say their final goodbyes to the five remaining survivors. Warriors, their pain will end shortly. Joining their stablemates to gallop for eternity in the clouds. 


Remembering the Lost Horses

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Monensin toxicity blamed for horses deaths

Monensin toxicity is to blame for the horses’ deaths beginning in October 2014 at Masterpiece Equestrian Center. An investigation by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services determined the equine feed produced by Lakeland Animal Nutrition became contaminated after the mill failed to follow its cleanout protocol.

Monensin is highly poisonous to horses and affects the heart and skeletal muscles. The level of toxicity is dose and individual dependent. An FDA spokesperson recently told Rate My Horse PRO, “there is no acceptable amount of monensin allowed in equine feed – it is not approved.”