Texas Horse Saved from Sinkhole by Rescuers photos by Arlington Texas Fire

Texas Horse Saved from Sinkhole by Rescuers

A Texas horse owner is counting her blessings after rescuers were recently able to save her mare from the depths of a sinkhole. The earth opened beneath Ginger, swallowing the animal in seconds.
Arlington firefighters responded to the scene only to find the horse owned by Carolyn Putney trapped four feet below the earth’s surface. Frightened, the horse’s struggling caused her to sink even deeper into the earth. Putney told the local news she was “horrified.”
The rescue effort took a back hoe, about 15 firefighters, two-hours, and Ginger’s cooperation to get her out safely. Ginger was sedated during the heroic effort.
Amazingly, the aged mare escaped without major injury and she is expected to make a full recovery. Ginger was immediately attended to by veterinarian Amy Armentrout, DVM of Burleson Equine Hospital who said she “really couldn’t be doing any better.”
The sinkhole is believed to have been caused by the recent heavy rains in the area.

Sinkholes can be deadly. A Florida man was swallowed alive by a sinkhole that opened under part of his family’s house near Tampa in 2013. His body was never retrieved, reminding us how lucky Ginger’s family is thanks to the brave efforts of the rescuers.