Penny Hawes is a life coach that empowers women in the stable and beyond.

Penny Hawes

Empowering Women: In the Stable & Beyond


Penny Hawes was the horse crazy kid who never outgrew ‘that phase’. Now she empowers women in the stable and beyond.

Penny says she considers herself lucky to have had a horse as a child. In fact, she admits that horses laid the foundation for her passionate life.

Located in Monroe, VA, Penny has taught hundreds of people to ride on two continents. More importantly, she helps equestrians translate the lessons learned from working with horses to improve their life overall.

Penny is a life coach specializing in helping midlife women who rode in their younger years. Even more, when one-time equestrians want to get involved with horses again, she helps them confidently rekindle their internal fervor for horse sports. Penny guides riding students so they can cope confidently with any challenge in or out of the saddle.

You, too, can be a part of the experience, no matter where you’re located, with Penny’s column Riders from the Far Side [of 40]. That’s because you’ll find friendly, (age-appropriate) support from someone that understands what walking in your manure-covered boots is like, whether they happen to be a pair of cowboy or paddock boots.