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RVR Horse Rescue Settles Dispute

RVR Horse Rescue Settles Dispute, Loses Ownership of Seized Horses

A Florida horse rescue accused of neglecting two rescue horses entered into an agreement with the sheriff’s department to keep its d...
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Sheriff's Office Investigates RVR Horse Rescue

Sheriff's Office Investigates RVR Horse Rescue

A Florida horse rescue is facing a criminal neglect investigation. Two equines were donated to RVR Horse Rescue in late January by...
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Equine Law Matter - Closed - Get Information, Read Court Documents

DAVID GEE, as Sheriff of Hillsborough County, Florida, Petitioner, v. SHAWN JAYROE d/b/a RVR HORSE RESCUE, INC., Respondent.

As deputies continue their investigation, the agency filed a petition asking for permanent ownership rights of two horses, Flower and...
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