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Kelly's Ford Equestrian Center Hires Bryan Washington


Bryan Dupes Washington must register as a Virginia Sex Offender after his conviction. The victim boarded her horse at the Remington equestrian facility that employed Bryan Washington. ...
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Ponying Up: The Truth About Child Sex Offenders

Ponying Up: The Truth About Child Sex Offenders

So how do some sex offenders, even those who have been convicted, go unnoticed when working around children? Find out at Horse Authority before you look for a riding instructor or stable for your child's pony....
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Equine Law Matter - Closed - Get Information, Read Court Documents

BETH BLOOMER, Plaintiff, v. BECKER COLLEGE and EDMUND J. PARO, Defendants.

The plaintiff is a former student at Becker College in Massachusetts. She alleges her former equestrian coach, Edmund Paro, made inappropriate sexual comments and touched her in inappropriate ways while she was on the co...
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