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Draft mini gets gift to run

Baby Dwarf Mini Horse is Crippled Until Gift Arrives

A dwarf mini horse born with crippling leg deformities is unable to walk easily. Then Baby Pumpkin received an amazing gift that made her step as big as her spirit. ...
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A cowgirl bodly saves a horse running down Texas highway - all caught on video.

Cowgirl Boldly Saves Horse on TX Highway [VIDEO]

Maybe things got too overwhelming for this Quarter Horse at his Texas stable so he left it all behind. Who doesn't know that horses aren't the most rational thinkers? In the game of life, they are all flight. ...
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Drone with Infrared Technology Brings Missing Colorado Horse Home

Drone Brings Missing Aged Colorado Horse Home

A drone brings missing Colorado horse home after the aged therapy gelding was in the wild by himself for days. ...
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Northstar gets skin grafts

Veterinarian, Burn Surgeon Partner to Give Horse Second Chance

An American Paint Horse called Northstar is being given a second chance at life by a team of veterinarians and burn doctors after he was doused with chemicals and set on fire last year....
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