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Police Say Horse Trainer Sold 100+ Horses to Slaughter

Pennsylvania horse trainer and riding instructor Kelsey Lefever is facing felony charges for allegedly misleading horse owners about her plans for their retired racehorses. Lefever obtained the Thoroughbreds promising to ...
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“I killed every one of those f--g horses, over 120 of them, if they only knew. I only have five left and the ones that you have. Every one of them is dead. I don’t even know their names and there wasn’t a g----n thing they could do about it because they gave me those horses. I didn’t sign one contract for any of them and there is no paper trail from Bruce, so they have to prove it.”

Kelsey Lefever Avoids Trial in Theft by Deception Case

Horse trainer Kelsey Lefever will avoid a trial by entering a first-time offender program. The Pennsylvania equestrian is accused of selling retired racehorses to horse slaughter rather than providing them second careers ...
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Equine Law Matter - Closed - Get Information, Read Court Documents

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Kelsey Elva Lefever

Kelsey Elva Lefever, a Pennsylvania horse trainer and riding instructor is charged with felony theft by deception. Officials allege she sent 100+ Thoroughbreds to horse slaughter after promising their owners she would ret...
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Kelsey Lefever Hearing Rescheduled

A preliminary hearing has been rescheduled in the case of alleged fraud that sent former racehorses to their death for meat....
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