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Western Milling pony dead poisoned feed

Western Milling Pays $2.4 million in Tainted Horse Feed Lawsuit

23 horses dead: poisoned feed Western Milling will pay $2.4 million to settle a tainted horse feed lawsuit filed by owners of 49 pois...
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Is your horse's feed safe?

Horse Feed Contaminated with Monensin: FDA Warning Letters

Two feed mills reportedly contaminated horse feed with monensin which led to at least six horses' deaths. The FDA issued both compan...
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Mickey and Tango died after allegedly eating tainted Nutrena SafeChoice Senior Horse Feed dry pellets in April 2017.

Update: Nutrena Investigates Ionophore Tainted Horse Feed

Lab results detected two ionophores in a bag of Nutrena horse feed after two horses died last month. The horses' SafeChoice Senior h...
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Licorice is believed to have died after eating contaminated horse feed made by Tribute.

Horse Owners Sue Kalmbach over Contaminated Equine Feed

An Ohio couple accuses the maker of Tribute Equine Nutrition of knowingly distributing ionophore contaminated equine feed. An FDA ...
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Western Milling Knew About Monensin Contamination before Horses’ Deaths: FDA

Western Milling Knew About Monensin Contamination Before Horses’ Deaths: FDA

A California feed manufacturer accused of selling monensin-contaminated equine feed, knew about cross contamination issues for years, ...
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Lab: ADM Equine Feed Contaminated in Alabama

Lab: ADM Equine Feed Contaminated in Alabama

“We’re in crisis mode and they’re [ADM] not even acknowledging it,” says Alabama three day event rider Andrew Palmer. He is...
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