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Horse meat black market Florida

Two Horses Slaughtered in Miami: Authorities

Authorities say they found a second horse slaughtered Monday morning in South Florida, a day after the gruesome discovery of another butchered horse's head....
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Firefighters were called to Del Real Stables

18 Horses Perish in Illinois Stable Fire

Boarding stable A barn fire killed eighteen horses early Wednesday morning at a boarding stable near Plainfield, IL according to fire officials. Firefighters responded to Del Real Stables around 1 a.m., although by...
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Eight horses are dead after a traffic accident in Texas.

9 Kill Pen Horses Dead in Texas Trailer Accident

A Texas traffic accident involving a Thompson's kill pen horse hauler leaves 9 of 14 horses dead Saturday morning. ...
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Bruce Rotz's truck in accident that killed 10 horses

Trailer Accident Kills 10 Horses in Tennessee

A traffic accident involving a slaughter horse hauler killed 10 of 30 horses in a tractor trailer. ...
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