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Haley Gassel amateur equestrian jumper with horses

Equestrians, Reinvent Your Fitness for Riding [I Did]

Previously, I was the equestrian who thought a fitness regimen consisted of riding horses and doing barn work in the stable. Don't get me wrong, horseback riding is one of the toughest sports out there and barn work is int...
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Evan Coluccio Suspension USEF Horse Green Status

Evan Coluccio Gets USEF Suspension for Changing Horse's Identity

Virginia hunter/jumper professional Evan Coluccio must bid the rated horse show life adieu for six months. The U.S. Equestrian Federation states it suspended the EMC International Stables owner for the misrepresentati...
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Gilman Co-Op Creamery Minnesota - 6 Horse Deaths from Monensin Contaminated Feed: FDA

6 Horse Deaths from Monensin Contaminated Feed: FDA

A single farm took delivery of the custom horse feed in early June. One horse was unable to stand the same day the farm began feeding Gilman's custom ordered horse feed. Due to the horse's decline, the farm's veterinarian...
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A cowgirl bodly saves a horse running down Texas highway - all caught on video.

Cowgirl Boldly Saves Horse on TX Highway [VIDEO]

Maybe things got too overwhelming for this Quarter Horse at his Texas stable so he left it all behind. Who doesn't know that horses aren't the most rational thinkers? In the game of life, they are all flight. ...
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Did Tara Sanders shoot Platinum Ticket?

Platinum Ticket: 80K American Horses Shipped to Slaughter [VIDEO]

When the film begins, the gray Thoroughbred finds himself injured and emaciated, at a low-end auction, although the viewer gets insight into happier times during the horse's life. Platinum Ticket is purchased along with do...
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Johnson & Johnson Heir Focus of USEF Investigation - VIDEO

UPDATE: Johnson & Johnson Heiress Suspended by USEF for Bad Behavior

USEF investigates Johnson & Johnson heiress Jazz Johnson-Merton. See the video of her attempt to kick her horse in the stomach during Hampton Classic....
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Florida Vet Charged with Animal Cruelty after 30 Horses Seized: VIDEO

Florida Vet Charged with Animal Cruelty, 30 Horses Seized: VIDEO

Florida vet Gail Nichols is facing felony animal cruelty charges after authorities seized more than two dozen neglected horses....
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Horse Helps Inmate's Hunger for Change

Horse Helps Inmate's Hunger for Change

A Mustang helps an inmate change his life by breaking the criminal cycle at the Wild Horse Program at Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center....
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Elisa Wallace and Simply Priceless Yellow Card for Abuse of the Horse

Elisa Wallace Yellow Carded at Badminton

Elisa Wallace was sanctioned with a yellow card at Badminton for abuse of her horse on cross country. Watch the video and see what you think....
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Monensin Toxicity Blamed for California Horses' Deaths: Lab

Western Milling Fined $526K for Contaminated Horse Feed: CDFA

The CDFA states horse feed manufacturer Western Milling must pay a $526K fine for producing and selling monensin contaminated horse feed. In California, 49 horses were poisoned....
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19 Horses Killed in Mississippi Traffic Accident

19 Horses Killed when Horse Trailer Flips in Mississippi

A single-vehicle accident involving an alleged horse-slaughter hauler leaves 19 of 37 horses dead in Mississippi. The video is shocking....
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Dozens of horses remain stranded in contaminated flood water at a San Jose, CA boarding stable.

Horses Stranded by San Jose Flooding

 28 Horses in Contaminated Flood Waters Dozens of horses remain stranded in contaminated flood water at a San Jose, CA boarding stable Wednesday. Horse owners are trying to help 28 horses at Cooksy Family Stabl...
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Horse Auction and Kill Buyer - The Grey Mare's Death

Did Animal Cruelty Cause Horse's Death at Auction?

"She's dead anyway" Pennsylvania authorities are investigating the death of a horse at New Holland Sales Stables. Individuals described as "kill buyers" allegedly kicked the down horse's frail body prior to the animal's...
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Justin Nelzen the horse hero dies at 40

Justin Nelzen, Texas Flood Horse Hero, Dies at 40

Justin Nelzen became the nation's horse hero when he saved over 25 horses from Houston's raging floods last spring. Now, he is gone. ...
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Prep for Hurricane Season and Horses: 5 Tips for Before the Storm

5 Hurricane Prep Tips for Horse Owners

Weeks after Louisiana was hit by a super storm, experts have upped their hurricane projections. Here are 5 tips to keep your horses safe....
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Starving horse shown dead at charity's ranch for wild horses.

30+ Wild Horses Starve as Charity's Mission Fails: Former Employee

Claims of more than 30 wild horses dying horrific starvation deaths fall upon the South Dakota charity International Society for the Protection of Mustang and Burros. WARNING: This article contains graphic images and...
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Frederik the Great

The Fabio of Friesians: Frederik

Fabio of Friesians Calling all mares! Stephen Colbert nose to nose with Frederik the Great is the 'mane' event, which says something when you're talking about a Friesian. The Friesian appeared on The Late Show ...
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The new technology captures three-dimensional, high-resolution computed tomography (CT) images in the standing and moving horse without the need for anesthesia.

Barrel Racer's Mystery Injury Solved

The barrel racer’s bone scan showed a hot spot right where the spine attaches to the base of the skull, indicating an injury. But the radiographs were inconclusive....
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Horses Dying leads to animal cruelty investigation

Horse Deaths Pose Questions about Equine 'Sanctuary'

Disturbing questions persist after Canadian equine sanctuary Whispering Ridge Equine Sanctuary is exposed regarding allegations of animal cruelty. WARNING: This article contains graphic images and video. User discret...
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Big Bones and Little Chef Die in Horse Trailer Accident

Graphic Video: Two Horses Killed in Horrific Trailer Accident

It was supposed to be a fun day of trail riding for two Maryland brothers, but the day ended in tragedy over the weekend. Jesse Pearsall said in a post his two-horse trailer was cut off by another vehicle causing them...
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