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Hal Parker rescue horses from horse slaughter kill pen


Hal Wilson Parker faces felony animal cruelty charges for his alleged involvement in a kill pen scheme involving Dina Alborano of icareihelp and Thompson’s Horse Lot....
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13 count indictment against fallon blackwood


Fallon Danielle Blackwood faces a 13 count indictment in Alabama for allegedly defrauding horse owners. The veterinary student at Tuskegee University’s College of Veterinary Medicine is accused of sending an unsettlin...
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EIA Positive Horses Colorado - Kill Pen

Colorado State Vet: EIA Positive Horse in "Unknown Location"

In a Horse Authority exclusive, Colorado's state veterinarian tells us the location of a horse infected with the deadly disease Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) is still unknown. A Weld County veterinarian reported the ...
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wild horse adoption

Wild Horse Sales for Slaughter Breaks Law: California AG

California's top lawyer urges U.S. Forestry officials to rethink a decision that could put some wild horses at risk of going to horse slaughter. The state's law prohibits the possession or sale of horses with the intent...
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Colorado Fabrizius Livestock aka Fabrizius Kill Pen Exposes 240 to EIA Positive Horse

240 Horses Exposed to Deadly EIA from Colorado Kill Pen, 100 Shipped Nationwide

Details emerge as Colorado investigates the location of 240 horses exposed to deadly EIA. Did you buy a horse or was it transported with a kill pen horse? Click for complete details. ...
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Did Tara Sanders shoot Platinum Ticket?

Platinum Ticket: 80K American Horses Shipped to Slaughter [VIDEO]

When the film begins, the gray Thoroughbred finds himself injured and emaciated, at a low-end auction, although the viewer gets insight into happier times during the horse's life. Platinum Ticket is purchased along with do...
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Fallon Danielle Blackwood mugshot NC arrest


Veterinarian student Fallon Danielle Blackwood is charged with obtaining horses by false pretenses. She allegedly sold some to horse slaughter....
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House Committee Approves Killing Wild Horses

The House Appropriations Committee voted to remove language banning the killing of healthy wild horses by 'humane euthanization'....
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House Panel Lifts Horse Slaughter Ban

A House panel voted to lift the ban on horse slaughter. While the barn door is open for horse slaughter in the U.S. the measure has to pass Congress....
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BLM Budget Proposal Seeks to Euthanize Wild Horses

If approved, it would allow the BLM to use "humane euthanasia and [the] unrestricted sale of certain excess animals". Congress barred the BLM in 2010 from euthanizing healthy animals....
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19 Horses Killed in Mississippi Traffic Accident

19 Horses Killed when Horse Trailer Flips in Mississippi

A single-vehicle accident involving an alleged horse-slaughter hauler leaves 19 of 37 horses dead in Mississippi. The video is shocking....
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Horse Auction and Kill Buyer - The Grey Mare's Death

Did Animal Cruelty Cause Horse's Death at Auction?

"She's dead anyway" Pennsylvania authorities are investigating the death of a horse at New Holland Sales Stables. Individuals described as "kill buyers" allegedly kicked the down horse's frail body prior to the animal's...
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550+ Seized Horses Head To Faith Auction, May Face Slaughter

550+ Seized Horses Head to Faith Auction, May Face Slaughter

South Dakota authorities announced the new auction location for horses seized from purported mustang sanctuary operator Karen Sussman. It comes after Philip Livestock Auction received threats making a change of venue to...
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Eight horses are dead after a traffic accident in Texas.

9 Kill Pen Horses Dead in Texas Trailer Accident

A Texas traffic accident involving a Thompson's kill pen horse hauler leaves 9 of 14 horses dead Saturday morning. ...
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Thoroughbreds Mutilated with Acid to Hide Identity by Removing Lip Tattoos

Thoroughbreds Dumped at New Holland Mutilated with Acid

The Pennsylvania SPCA is investigating a case of animal cruelty after three Thoroughbreds were discovered at the New Holland Auction with mutilated upper lips. ...
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Bruce Rotz's truck in accident that killed 10 horses

Trailer Accident Kills 10 Horses in Tennessee

A traffic accident involving a slaughter horse hauler killed 10 of 30 horses in a tractor trailer. ...
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Horse tendons make up the latest anti-aging treatment to hit the aesthetic market. Just inject and you have the horse face of your dreams, but is it safe?

Horse Tendons Latest Anti-Aging Secret?

The aesthetic market is always changing as customers look for the next best thing in anti-aging. The latest treatment to market is a protein injection made from horse tendons....
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Madeleine Pickens needs your help finding those responsible for the deaths of at least 12 wild mustangs at her sanctuary.

$100K Bounty after Wild Horses Killed at Madeleine Pickens' Sanctuary

$100K Reward Madeleine Pickens needs your help finding those responsible for the deaths of at least 12 wild mustangs. She is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the capture and conviction of those ...
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Dr. Leea Arnold's recipient mares in the Texas kill pen

Recipient Mares: Breeding Blood Sport?

Arnold Reproduction Center At least 21 recipient mares, formerly owned by The Arnold Reproduction Center, landed in a Forney kill pen late last month. The ‘LA’ brand on the mares’ haunches identifies the busine...
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Thoroughbred Tattoo Cut Out of Lip Kill Buyer

Thoroughbred Mutilation Leads to Race for Truth

Update A Thoroughbred mare believed to have had her lip tattoo cut out has been identified by DNA testing. The Jockey Club provided DNA testing revealing the mare's name is Annabel Lee. She is an 8-year-old...
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