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Business of Horses: Replacing the Handshake with Contracts

3 Marketing Must-Haves for Your Equine Business

I am often asked about the most successful advertising/marketing options to ensure the highest visibility. The list of options is long, and can include print marketing, Google Ad words, social media, banner ads, word of mo...
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Find out how to get the most out of social media for your horse business

Becoming a Remarkable Horse Business through Social Media

Whether you are a breeder, trainer, horse rescue, farrier, feed store, equine insurance agent, photographer, realtor, breed association or other horse related business, social media must be a part of your marketing plan....
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Leadership for Business Learned at the Stable - Horse Sense

Horses Inspire Leadership Lessons for Business Owners

When thinking about business strategies you may not need to look further than the stable for a lesson on leadership, according to one successful business owner....
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