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Robert Dimitt Killed Horses by Cutting Hooves Off: Witness

Robert Dimitt Killed Horses by Cutting Hooves Off: Witness

Oklahoma horse trainer Robert Dimitt is charged with three counts of felony animal cruelty. Authorities are requesting a warrant be issued for an additional two counts for his alleged tortuous acts of horse abuse....
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Gold Digging Ashley animal abuse case

Robert Dimitt's Animal Cruelty Sentence Revisited

Robert Dimitt grabbed me by my throat and pushed me out of the wash bay. He ended up on top of me with the bloody hoof knife pressed to my throat and was saying he ought to kill me for what I had done. ...
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Find out how to thicken horse soles.

Thickening Horse Soles with Proper Trimming, Pour-in Pads

Lameness is a key sign of thin soles. If the condition isn’t diagnosed, horses are often uncomfortable walking, especially on hard, abrasive surfaces. Some develop sole bruising. When these symptoms are prevalent, it’s...
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Temperature and moisture both directly impact the anatomy and health of hooves.

How to Protect your Horse's Hooves from Negative Impacts of Weather, Temperature

When horseshoes don’t fit correctly, horses distribute their weight unevenly and land on their feet differently. If they put excessive force and stress on one area of the hoof wall, it can cause a vertical crack, otherwis...
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Despite aggressive veterinary intervention, the coffin bone came through the sole of the hoof. The foot “turned to mush” and Awesome Ashley was euthanized.

Dimitt Enters Blind Plea in Horse Mutilation Case

Oklahoma hoof-cutting racehorse trainer Robert Dimitt accepted a blind plea. Dimmit mutilated the feet of multiple horses leading to their deaths....
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