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Gold Digging Ashley animal abuse case

Robert Dimitt's Animal Cruelty Sentence Revisited

Robert Dimitt grabbed me by my throat and pushed me out of the wash bay. He ended up on top of me with the bloody hoof knife pressed ...
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Robert Dimitt Killed Horses by Cutting Hooves Off: Witness

Veterinarian Knew About Dimitt's Alleged Horse Abuse: Exclusive

A report obtained exclusively by Rate My Horse PRO exposes a racetrack veterinarian for failing to report allegations of horse a...
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Robert Dimmitt horse abuse

Hoof Carving Trainer Charged with Additional Counts of Animal Cruelty: Docs

Oklahoma horse trainer Robert Dimitt is accused of cutting the frog out of horses' hooves to "make them run faster". He is charged wi...
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Robert Dimitt Sentenced to Prison


Robert Dimitt is accused of horse abuse after he "maliciously and cruelly mutilated" multiple Quarter Horses by cutting the frogs out...
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Oklahoma Trainer Arrested for Mutilated Horses' Deaths

Oklahoma Trainer Arrested for Mutilated, Dead Horses: Sheriff

An Oklahoma horse trainer is facing three counts of felony animal cruelty after multiple horses were found dead on his Sallisaw horse...
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