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Horse Appraisal Services for Equine Litigation - What Questions to Ask before you Hire an Equine Appraiser

15 Questions to Ask Potential Equine Appraisers before Equine Litigation

Equine law cases While you probably hired a successful equine attorney, an equine appraiser provides important keys to help unlock your equine law case, especially if it gets to litigation. Therefore, an equine apprai...
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Horse's Agreed Value vs. Horse's Actual Cash Value

How to Find Your Best Equine Insurance

When considering purchasing equine mortality insurance you may come across different terms related to your horse's value. These include “agreed value” and “actual cash value” (fair market value). So what's it all...
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What do you need to know about equine appraisers?

What does an Equine Appraiser Do?

As a horse owner, have you ever wondered what an equine appraiser does? Or, how to select the most qualified equine appraisal expert?...
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NY Equine Appraiser Faces Felony Charges in Missing Horse Case

NY Equine Appraiser Faces Felony Charges in Missing Horse Case

Charges have been filed against a New York equine appraiser accused of stealing a horse that she borrowed, according to the Greene County Sheriff's Office. Leah Struzzieri is charged with grand larceny and criminal poss...
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