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Prep for Hurricane Season and Horses: 5 Tips for Before the Storm

5 Hurricane Prep Tips for Horse Owners

Hurricane Dorian is set to strike Florida's east coast. Here are 5 tips to keep your horses safe from the leading causes of horse deaths during hurricanes....
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Kansas Confirms 2 More EIA Positive Horses

Update on EIA Affected Horses in Nebraska

Nebraska's state veterinarian is releasing new details regarding horses in the northwestern part of the state inflicted with equine infectious anemia....
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EIA Confirmed in North Carolina Mule

Deadly EIA Confirmed in South Carolina Mule

The often fatal disease affects horses, donkeys, and mules. No other animals or humans can contract the virus. There is no cure or vaccine to prevent EIA....
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Deadly EIA Confirmed in 12 Nebraska Horses

Deadly EIA Confirmed in 12 Nebraska Horses

Officials have confirmed 12 cases of equine infectious anemia in a northwestern Nebraska herd. The viral disease, also known as swamp fever, attacks the horse's immune system....
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New Orleans Fair Grounds Race Track EHV-1 Quarantine

Deadly Equine Infectious Anemia Confirmed in 4 Kentucky Horses

The Marshall County horses did not show clinical signs of the disease and were in good body condition. The four horses, varied in age from 6 to 21-years, and were humanely euthanized. There is no cure for EIA....
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