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21 Dead Polo Horses' Owners Awarded $2.5M

21 Dead Polo Horses' Owners Awarded $2.5M

A Florida jury awarded over $2.5 million to the owners and insurer of 21 polo ponies on Friday. The horses began dying during the 200...
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EPM Treatment

FDA Issues Warning Letter to Compounding Pharmacy after Horses' Deaths

The FDA reports it initiated its investigation after two Kentucky horses died from being treated with an oral paste compounded by Wi...
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Equine Law Matter - Closed - Get Information, Read Court Documents

JMJ Racing Stables, LLC v WICKLIFFE PHARMACEUTICAL, INC., a Kentucky Corporation, d/b/a Wickliffe Veterinary Pharmacy, et al.

A Kentucky compounding pharmacy is facing three lawsuits brought by thoroughbred owners alleging a faulty drug concoction, toxic to th...
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Veterinary Compounding Not under FDA

Court Rules Veterinary Compounding Not Under FDA Control

A Federal Judge ruled in favor of Franck's Pharmacy when he denied the Food and Drug Administration's petition for an injunction. ...
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