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Biting insects typically transmit EIA, also known as swamp fever, which is a blood-borne illness.

Equine Disease Alerts: July

An Oklahoma horse rescue may feel the financial sting after bringing a horse into the state without a Coggins. The horse was confirmed positive with equine infectious anemia ... ...
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Horses Dying leads to animal cruelty investigation

Horse Deaths Pose Questions about Equine 'Sanctuary'

Disturbing questions persist after Canadian equine sanctuary Whispering Ridge Equine Sanctuary is exposed regarding allegations of animal cruelty. WARNING: This article contains graphic images and video. User discret...
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EHV-1 Confirmed

EHV-1 Confirmed in Saskatchewan, Canada Horse

A horse in Saskatchewan, Canada has been confirmed with the neurological form of the equine herpes virus (EHV-1), according to officials with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan...
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Eli is waiting for someone to help him out of horse farm.

Whisper Ridge Equine Sanctuary: OSPCA Says Horses in "Improved Health"

Horse welfare proponents are fighting to get help for horses at a Canadian stable that bills itself as an equine sanctuary. Although, the Ontario SPCA said late last week the remaining horses are in "improved overall ...
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