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Equestrians are Determined

Equestrians are Determined, Structured: Study

For parents wondering if horseback riding is a good sport for your child, researchers say yes. Riding promotes determined, balanced humans that are enthusiastic and structured, according to a new study....
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How to Make your child smarter? Horseback Riding a study says.

Horseback Riding can Improve Child's Learning Ability: Study

Enhancing Cognitive Learning Researchers suggest horseback riding can improve your child's learning ability. Vibrations from the horse's gait may enhance memory, learning, and problem-solving a new study recently found. ...
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How Mental Resilience Enhances Horse Riding Success

How Mental Resilience Leads to Horse Riding Success

Some riders (and horses) are more naturally talented and possess a mental resilience. Despite both, every equestrian has struggled with something along their horse riding journey....
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