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Jeanne Ryan MAX Jail Sentence and NO animal ownership for 15 years in New York animal cruelty case

Horses' Deaths Land Max Jail Sentence in New York Animal Cruelty Case

A New York Judge sentenced a Welsh Pony breeder to the maximum sentence of two years jail. It comes after the court found Jeanne ...
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Aggravated animal cruelty charges against former horse transporter, police officer


Pony breeder Jeanne Ryan faces charges of aggravated animal cruelty for the deaths of 9 horses. See how this NY animal cruelty case ...
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Equine Law Matter - Closed - Get Information, Read Court Documents

The State of New Jersey vs. Aiyanna Callaway

Aiyana Callaway (Aiyanna Callaway) is banned from owning horses until 2037 in New Jersey due to her animal cruelty conviction.  ...
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