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Dr. Glenn Blodgett was named the 2017 National Golden Spur Award winner.

Veterinarian Named National Golden Spur Winner

Resident veterinarian of the Four Sixes Ranch (6666) horse division is named this year's recipient of what the ranching industry describes as its most prestigious honor. Dr. Glenn Blodgett is the 2017 National Golden S...
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Brunzell Jail Ends Dual Peppy Neglect Saga

Dual Peppy Animal Cruelty Case Ends: Brunzell Gets Jail

Banned from owning horses A Colorado judge ordered a former American Quarter Horse breeder guilty of animal abuse to begin serving her jail sentence Thursday night. It comes after Sherri Brunzell exhausted her app...
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I look forward to helping solve the issues that confront the sport horse industry in the United States, said Uboh in a release.

Uboh Serves as USEF Lab Director

Cornelius Uboh, PhD is now serving the United States Equestrian Federation as it's new Laboratory Director. His appointment lands him at the USEF Equine Research and Testing Laboratory in Lexington, Ky....
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AQHA Modifies Lip Chain Ban

AQHA Modifies Lip Chain Ban

The use of lips chains at American Quarter Horse Association shows is banned beginning the first of the new year, but the association says a compromise has been reached over the issue. Concerns regarding animal welfare an...
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Shamus Haws Case of 10 Dead Horses

Shamus Haws Guilty of Animal Cruelty in Horses' Dehydration Deaths

Shamus Haws was convicted of 4 counts of horse cruelty. The Running U Livestock owner, from Erda, was charged with 11 counts of cruelty to animals after 10 horses died from dehydration last year....
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Suit: AQHA Owes almost $600K for Overhaul of Equine Registration System

A lawsuit claims the American Quarter Horse Association owes a technology company almost $600,000 for an overhaul of the association's equine registration system....
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High Rolling AQHA Breeder Pleads Not Guilty to $53M Theft

Judge Grants Sale of Crundwell's 400 Quarter Horses

A judge has approved the sale of 400 registered quarter horses owned by top AQHA breeder and former Dixon comptroller Rita Crundwell. The horses, including any new-born foals, will be dispersed in addition to 21 embryos...
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