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Horse Punched in Head

Horse Punched in Head, Abused by Stable Worker: Arrest Report

The arrest report states James Hutchinson "intentionally committed an act of animal cruelty by repeatedly and excessively punching th...
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$10K Bounty Offered for Conviction of Soring Violators

Children's Hospital Says No Thanks to TWH Show Donations over Soring Controversy

Batson Children's Hospital is pulling itself from a list of charitable causes donated to by a Tennessee Walking Horse competition du...
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Reining horse Bella Gunnabe Gifted

Arballo Ordered to Stand Trial for Felony Horse Abuse

A California judge ordered Mark Arballo to stand trial for felony animal abuse on Monday. The charge stems from the death of the rei...
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Mark Arballo Charged with Animal Cruelty in Reining Horse Death

Prosecution Bites Arballo, Adds Second Horse Abuse Charge

A second animal abuse charge has been filed in California against Mark Arballo stemming from his alleged maltreatment of the mare, B...
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Norsire Farm Owner Vindicated by Court

UPDATE: Ebersole v. Kline-Perry et al

Horse breeder Bridget Kline-Perry of Norsire Farms owes just a quarter of the $60,000 judgment entered against her for statements sh...
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Skakel Arraigned in Animal Abuse Case

Skakel Arraigned in Animal Abuse Case

Shagya arabian breeder Nancy Skakel was arraigned yesterday for the alleged maltreatment of her horses. Nineteen horses were seized f...
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