Sussman Seeks Return of 400 Horses to ISPMB: Sheriff

Karen Sussman’s Plan

The operator of the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros (ISPMB) is seeking the return of 400 horses, the sheriff states.

Karen Sussman turned in her management plan Friday. The deadline comes after a South Dakota judge ordered authorities to impound her 810 horses due to the horses’ alleged neglect. Dewey and Ziebach counties are caring for the horses.

Sheriff Les Mayer states Sussman’s proposal includes rehoming half of the herd. She plans to charge an adoption fee of $125 a horse or no fee to some organizations. Adopters have re-homed dozens of horses, including those with major defects, including blindness.

A Minnesota rescue confirms it is working to adopt seven blind stallions from the Gila Herd. [irp]

Susan Thompson of Dreamchaser PMU Rescue and Rehabilitation in Missouri drove 1,000 miles and rescued six orphaned foals. They are thin and full of worms Thompson says. Some have abscesses that have not burst and long feet. Two have snotty noses and one is coughing, but they are eating and drinking.

Thompson says, “I pray these horses get adopted and don’t end up in the slaughter line”. She thinks Dreamchaser adopted six orphaned foals from International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros.Sussman should go to jail for what the animals have endured.

Sussman must have enough money on hand for 18 months to care for the 400 horses she intends to keep. Her funding plan lists grants and donations, but if the money isn’t in her hands by next month, her plan won’t be approved, according to court documents.

Additionally, Sussman must reimburse the counties for the horses’ care and feeding expenses. Both deadlines are November 11.

This may be why ISPMB continues to seek money on social media despite the horses not being in her care. “Your donations help the oldest, most important wild horse protection and conservation organization in the world,” one post states.

Sussman denies she neglected the horses.

Authorities take over the horse adoptions on November 10. Any horses not adopted by December 1 will go to auction.


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