DOT Orders Shut Down of Horse Transporter

Superseding Indictment Filed Against Slaughter Horse Shipper Dorian Ayache

A federal grand jury has returned a superseding indictment in the case against two Tennessee trucking company owners. Dorian Ayache is charged with three felony counts including conspiracy. In preparation for trial, the superseding indictment makes changes to the original indictment charging Ayache and co-defendant, Theresa Vincent
Ayache, the owner and operator of Three Angels Farm, is facing conspiracy to defraud and two counts of tampering with evidence. Vincent, the owner and alleged operator of Terri’s Farm, is charged with conspiracy to defraud and perjury.
In February, the court dismissed nine counts of violating Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations against Ayache. The judge opined that violating an Imminent Hazard Order (IHO) is not a misdemeanor crime.
Three Angels Farm, based in Lebanon, and Terri’s Farm, in Murfreesboro, were interstate commercial motor carrier operations in the same line of business. Both carriers operated the same commercial motor vehicles and transported horses bound for a slaughter yard in Mexico from Lebanon, Tennessee to Presidio, Texas.
In June 2012, DOT determined Three Angels Farm posed an imminent hazard to public safety and issued an order requiring the transporter to cease operating. The order was based on Ayache’s unacceptable safety practices, including his failure to adequately maintain his commercial motor vehicles and his failure to ensure that drivers were qualified. Three Angels Farm had two accidents over an eight month period involving poorly maintained vehicles and fatigued drivers, resulting in the death of at least four horses.
According to the NBC affiliate WSMV, four horses that survived a January 2012 wreck on a Three Angels Farm owned truck were rejected by Mexican veterinarians two days later. Three of the animals had severe leg injuries and one had an eye injury. It is not known what happened to the horses.
Documents show the remaining 34 horses were sold to Mexico’s Inter Meats, an exporter of horse meat to Belgium. An invoice showed the equines were sold for $.37 per pound totaling $11,000.
Prosecutors allege, in violation of the 2012 order, Ayache continued his commercial motor carrier operations under the name Terri’s Farm, as well as under other peoples’ names, including an individual known to the grand jury as “M.F.R.” d/b/a F R Farms. DOT later categorized Terri’s Farm as a reincarnation of Three Angels Farm.
Ayache is also accused of selling trucks, which was prohibited in the order without obtaining written approval first.
Prosecutors allege Ayache concealed and attempted to destroy emails from his Yahoo account. Vincent is accused of making false statements under oath to the grand jury regarding her communications with Ayache during the investigation.
If found guilty, Ayache faces a maximum prison sentence of 25 years and $500,000 in fines. Vincent could get up to 10 years in prison and $500,000 in fines.
Both defendants are scheduled to go to trial on August 19. Stay with Rate My Horse PRO as we continue to follow this case.