Julia Corinne Drumheller, Drumheller, Julia C; DRUNHELLER, JULIA; McMahon, Julia Corinne 8-11-1978 Julia Drumheller of Wildwood Equestrian.

The State of Texas vs. Julia Corinne Drumheller

Waller County

No. 18-04-16404

No. 18-07-16457      


aliases: Julia Drunheller, Julia Corinne McMahon, Julia Moreno


April 2018

Indictment Filed

1 Felony count Theft of horse < $150K




Waller County

No. 17-05-16042

aliases: Julia Drunheller, Julia Corinne McMahon, Julia Moreno


May 12, 2017


1 Felony count Theft of horse < $150K


The Grand Jury for the County of Waller and the State of Texas, duly selected, empaneled, sworn, charged, and organized as such at the January term, A.D. 2017 of the 506th Judicial District Court of said County, upon their oaths present in and to said Court at said term that JULIA CORINNE DRUMHELLER, hereinafter styled Defendant, on or about the 5th day of December 2016, and before the presentment of this indictment, in Waller County, Texas, did then and there unlawfully appropriate, by acquiring or otherwise exercising control over, property, to-wit: a horse, of the aggregate value of less than $150,000, stolen during a single transaction, the owner thereof, without the effective consent of the owner, and with intent to deprive the owner of the property.




May 19, 2017

Released on $5,000 Surety Bond


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