State Rep. Sue Wallis Dead Sue Wallis and her father Dick in 2012. photo © Johnny Sundby

State Rep. Sue Wallis Dead

Four-term Wyoming state lawmaker Rep. Sue Wallis, died Tuesday from unknown causes.

A polarizing figure, the rancher was also known to many in the horse industry as “Slaughterhouse Sue.” Wallis led a passionate fight to return horse slaughter plants to U.S. soil for human consumption.
Wallis told National Public Radio in September that horses are more an asset than a companion. “Chickens for eggs, lambs for wool, cows for milk, horses for work, and when their useful, productive life has passed, then you turn them into meat.”
Wallis also proposed legislation to limit restrictions on farmers who sell their home-grown local food at markets. She also wanted to institute a statewide livestock identification program and a database for selling brands.
Wallis, a Republican, also supported equal rights for same-sex couples, abortion rights, and medical marijuana.
Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau said the loss is great. “She was an incredible asset. She was a woman of principles who spoke her mind whether it was politically correct, whether it was popular or not.”
Wallis’s husband died in December 2012.