Christina Marie CATLIN aka Christina Morris offer quarantine and horse transport services but is being investigated for animal cruelty.


Warrant No. 031946

Issued on October 10, 2008

Active Warrant in Lincoln County, Oregon for Christina Marie Catlin

Probation Violation Warrant

Issued by Judge Sheryl Bachart



Lincoln County

No. 031946



Christina Morris, Christina McBride

(purported horse rescuer in Arkansas)


May 8, 2003


Aggravated Theft in the First Degree 164.057 Felony Class B

2 counts Forgery in the First Degree 165.013 Felony Class C

4 counts Criminal Forfeiture CH666 Felony Unclassified


Entered Guilty Plea

Aggravated Theft in the First Degree

Forgery in the First Degree


November 2003

Sentencing Hearing – didn’t appear

Failure to Appear Warrant Issued


September 27, 2006

Defendant arrested



Restitution of $40,000 to victim

Report to Community Corrections – serve 60 months

Submit to Blood/Breath/Urine Analysis

No Association with Criminals

No Firearms

Submit to Polygraph

Submit to Search

Don’t violate laws


October 2008

Probation violation



Lincoln County

Case No. 013467

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July 13, 2001

Indictment on charges

  • Felony Theft
  • Identity Theft
  • Fraudulent Use of Credit Card

Arrested on July 23, 2001

Entered not guilty plea


May 2002 Trial canceled due to Christina Catlin’s failure to appear for trial.

Arrest warrant issued.


June 2002

Christina Catlin pleads guilty to theft in the first degree. Other two charges are dismissed.


September 2002

Convicted of felony



Pay victims restitution


June 2003

Probation revocation process begins for violation ending with sentencing to community corrections for 60 months, No violation of laws, Maintain Employment, No Firearms, No association with criminals, 300 Hours community service


Converted Disposition

November 2006

PROBATION REVOKED – jail 6 months

Defendant moved out of state in 2008