DOT Orders Shut Down of Horse Transporter Three Angels Farms was shut down in 2012.  

Slaughter Horse Shipper Dorian Ayache Enters Plea

A Tennessee slaughter horse shipper recently entered a guilty plea that could shorten his prison time from years to months.
Dorian Ayache, of Lebanon, pleaded guilty to knowingly violating a Department of Transportation (DOT) Safety Regulation for failing to maintain a current driver’s log. If a federal judge accepts Ayache’s plea, the remaining charges of conspiracy to defraud and tampering with evidence, will be dropped.
Ayache faced a maximum prison sentence of up to 26-years if he was convicted of all charges.
The Three Angels Farm owner and operator received a shut-down order in 2012 from the DOT stating the motor carrier posed an imminent hazard to public safety. Three Angels Farm had two accidents over an eight month period involving poorly maintained vehicles and fatigued drivers, which not only endangered the public, but also resulted in the death of multiple horses.
Ayache attempted to evade transportation authorities by establishing a reincarnation of Three Angels Farm under the name Terri’s Farms. Both carriers operated the same commercial motor vehicles and transported horses bound for a slaughter yard in Mexico from Lebanon to Presidio, Texas. It was operated out of Mufreesboro with co-defendant, Theresa Vincent, who took the same plea deal as Ayache.
Ayache and Vincent could receive up to six months in prison and a fine of up to $25,000. Sentencing is scheduled for both defendants in late November.