DOT Orders Shut Down of Horse Transporter

Slaughter Horse Hauler Dorian Ayache Shipping to Prison

A slaughter horse hauler from Tennessee has been sentenced to three-months in prison for violating a Department of Transportation regulation. Dorian Ayache, of Lebanon, pleaded guilty in 2014 to knowingly failing to maintain a current driver’s log.
Ayache will also serve one-year of supervised probation after he serves his time behind bars. He is not permitted to manage, transport, or engage in the transportation of any goods or livestock and must pay a fine of just over $5,000. Ayache faced a maximum of 6-months in prison and a $25,000 fine.
The Three Angels Farm owner and operator received a shut-down order in 2012 from the DOT stating the motor carrier posed an imminent hazard to public safety. Three Angels Farm had two accidents over an eight month period involving poorly maintained vehicles and fatigued drivers, which not only endangered the public, but also resulted in the death of multiple horses. Ayache was cited for those accidents.
Ayache attempted to evade transportation authorities by establishing a reincarnation of Three Angels Farm under the name Terri’s Farms. Both carriers operated the same commercial motor vehicles and transported horses bound for a slaughter yard in Mexico from Lebanon to Presidio, Texas. It was operated out of Mufreesboro with Ayache’s co-defendant, Theresa Vincent, an Appaloosa horse breeder. According to court records, Todd Larry Montgomery was a co-owner of Terri’s Farms and is currently involved with her current horse farm operation, Terry’s Lookout Meadow Farm.
In August 2012, FMCSA issued a second IHO against Vincent and Terri’s Farm. Officials ordered them to cease all commercial motor vehicle operations and found that Terri’s Farm was merely a continuation of Three Angels Farm.
Vincent pleaded guilty to violating an imminent hazard out of service order and was sentenced in December to 12-months probation.
Ayache must report to prison by February 23rd.