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FEATURED Equine Attorney Profile [1-YR]


One attorney per listing.

No product advertising in listings, please.

For the first 10 equine attorneys, get promotion through our social media channels [at least once] during the one-year listing.

Currently, only 5 offers remain.

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Add your Equine Lawyer Profile

Do horse owners know that you practice equine law? Do those in the equine industry know your equine law specialties?

If you can’t answer a resounding yes, then add yourself to Horse Authority’s Equine Attorney Directory.

Reach prospective equine law clients at Horse Authority because of the site’s various equine legal resources. Readers need a trusted equine lawyer.

For those offering specialized services to meet the equine legal needs of those in the equine industry, your purchase means you’ll benefit from a one-year FEATURED Equine Attorney Profile. Your FEATURED equine attorney profile includes a photo, video, and sitewide promotion. Even more, add your bio and equine law specialties.

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