Shirley Roth Suspended from AQHA

Shirley Roth Suspended from AQHA, NSBA for Allegedly Abusing Horse

The American Quarter Horse Association and National Snaffle Bit Association have temporarily suspended Ocala horse trainer, Shirley Roth, after an alleged incident at the Reichert Celebration in Texas.

Fort Worth Police were called to the Will Roger Memorial Equestrian Center on September 9, during the NSBA approved event. The police report states a two year old red roan stallion owned by Gavin Rawlings was allegedly abused three days earlier. Our call to the investigating officer was not immediately returned. However, we have confirmed with the authorities that Roth was not arrested in connection with the allegations. The investigation continues.

The NSBA Animal Welfare Monitor reports that the stallion, Kissin The Girls, suffered the alleged inhumane treatment. The horse is trained by Roth. Rate My Horse PRO contacted Roth, however we did not receive a call back.

In 2011, Roth was ranked in the NSBA’s Top 100 Open WP Riders. She earned more than $108,000.

Roth is denied all AQHA and NSBA privileges until both associations hold hearings and make a final ruling regarding her status.