Shirley Roth Arrested for Alleged Horse Abuse

Allegations of Animal Cruelty

A pleasure horse trainer accused of abusing a client’s horse during a Texas show has been arrested in connection with the incident. Shirley Roth, of Florida, was picked up last night by Marion County Deputies on a fugitive warrant issued by Fort Worth Police for cruelty to a livestock animal.

Officers were called to the Reichert Celebration on September 9 regarding allegations of animal abuse. Authorities state the horse, Kissin The Girls sustained injuries to his body including his nose, chin, and between his ears. Officer Bounds says the horse’s “hide was ripped off” near the girth, and hair was glued to the wounds. Also, allegedly injured were the two-year-old stallion’s left hind leg and right rear hoof. The stallion is reportedly receiving on-going care at an equine veterinarian center.

Bounds says Roth, of Shirley Roth Show Horses, would have been arrested that night, had she not “fled the scene” with her horses in tow. “We take animal abuse very serious here in Texas.”

The investigation continues.

The American Quarter Horse Association and National Snaffle Bit Association responded to the allegations recently by announcing that Roth was temporarily suspended. She is denied all AQHA and NSBA privileges until both associations hold hearings and make a final ruling regarding her status.

Roth made her first court appearance this morning and remains locked up. It is unknown when she will be extradited back to Texas to face the felony charge. Stay with us for the latest in this case.