Shamus Haws Sentenced in Animal Cruelty Case for Horses' Deaths Shamus Haws 

Shamus Haws Sentenced in Animal Cruelty Case for Horses’ Deaths

A Utah horse trainer was sentenced Wednesday to community service after his horses died from dehydration. Shamus Haws was convicted of animal cruelty.
Judge Shauna Graves-Robertson addressed Haws saying she didn’t believe he intentionally allowed the horses to die, but believes he is still legally responsible. Haws received a 30-day suspended jail sentence. She ordered Haws to complete 50-hours of community service and to pay a fine of $1360.
The Running U Livestock owner, from Erda, was charged with 11 counts of cruelty to animals after 10 horses died from dehydration last year. An eleventh horse survived.
After a four-day trial in September, a jury found Haws guilty of four counts of horse cruelty. He was acquitted of the remaining seven counts.
Haws’ new defense attorney, Tara Isaacson, is reportedly planning to appeal his conviction. Isaacson, of the firm Bugden & Isaacson, L.L.C., previously represented polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs.